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You are only a click away to optimal health and performance! Amos Snider is helping people overcome persistent issues they struggle to resolve and draw in even more energy and success. Amos has extensive experience in creating renewal on both physical and emotional levels.

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Feel rejuvenated and lighter with your personal ZOOM session. Amos Snider offers new perspectives and spiritual guidance all while he works on you by releasing and empowering on an energetic level. To receive a ZOOM Session you must upload the app to your cellular device or computer. You will receive a ZOOM link via text prior to your session. Click on the link and follow the prompts to begin your virtual session.

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Bring your corporate group to a new level of optimal health on all levels with Amos Snider's Corporate Series of talks. He will discuss meditating for your health, wellness and well being. He will lead you through a transformational and interactive, life changing experience as your group learns new methods to calm and center themselves in a corporate environment.